Performer Profile - THE OKRA DANCE COMPANY

The Okra Dance Company

THE OKRA DANCE COMPANY was created by the late dancer/choreographer Phillip Bond.  Shireen Dickson is now directing the company.  It is composed of accomplished professional dancers and experienced teachers. Their vast experience includes Broadway, touring theatre, as well as well-known dance companies around the country.

The dancers are equally adept at performing tribal dances from Africa, social dances from around the world, American tap dance, and Broadway dances of today. All programs are highlighted with humor and audience participation. At the end of each show, audience members are brought on stage to try some dance movements themselves.

Performances can be adapted for all ages, from kindergarten through high school. Workshops and residencies are available to enhance the experience for school groups, providing students with an opportunity to learn some of the steps from professionals.

Current performance repertoire includes:

American Dance From Africa to Broadway

Okra Dance Company

Explore how American dance evolved from its African roots and European influences into the popular stage and social dances that we see today. Two versatile performers take you from classical court dances and the Irish reel, to vaudeville, tap, and even the cultural impact of Michael Jackson – all of this and more is packed into this highly entertaining and informative perspective on American history.

Journey Into Africa

Take a fascinating excursion from Senagal to Soweto through the traditional rhythms, songs, instruments, and dances that are an integral part of everyday African life. Three talented performers offer a rousing presentation, full of audience participation, bringing to life a culture that has profoundly influenced us all.


Okra Dance Company

Dance, Dance, Dance

Visit five of the seven continents in this fast-paced production which highlights the cooperation and inter-personal relationships featured in partner dances. From Zaire, Austria and Poland, to Argentina, Israel, India and the Americas, two multitalented dancers demonstrate and explain the crosscultural and social significance of couples dancing.


Rhythm Dances From Around the World

Get your passports ready! Visit Mexico, Italy, China, Greece, Ireland and more in this vibrant exploration of rhythmic folkloric dances from around the globe. Two skilled professional dancers are your tour guides through these intriguing lands in a production packed with audience participation.

“The program was magnificent. The artists were well-prepared and actively engaged the students. Don’t miss this program!”

—Garden City Park School, New Hyde Park, NY

“Provides non-stop action, education, and blisters our senses with artistic appeal.”

—W. Pottsgrove Elementary School, Stowe, PA

“Students were mesmerized by the high quality performance.”

—Eisenberg Elementary, New Castle, DE

“The dances they performed were filled with energy and enthusiasm.”

—Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA

“They were so good they made me want to get up and dance.”

—St. Paul School, Prospect Park, NJ

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