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Our Performers!
  • BUGS & BALLOONS (Allynn Gooen & Annie Hickman)
    • Building a World of Stories
    • Goowin's Balloowins
    • The Love Bug's Hug
    • Journey to Candyland
  • SUPER SCIENTIFIC CIRCUS (Mr. Fish, Lisa Lou & Co.)
    • Atoms, Matter, Molecules, and More! 
    • CircusSense 
    • The Mystery and History of Magic 
    • Bubble Fun for Everyone 
    • Math + Magic = Fun
    • Phenomenal Physics
    • Fabulous Forces (formerly "The Anti-Gravity Show")
    • The Magic of Chemistry
    • The Science of Magic
    • The Magic of Energy
    • Amazing Activity Zone
    • Super Circus Stuff
    • Master Classes
    • Workshops and residencies
    • Pencil Push Ups 
    • Dig, Discover & Draw!
    • A Day in the Life of a Book
    • Let's See What's Under the Sea: Something's Fishy, An Illustrator's Mystery
    • Workshops and residencies
  • Rick Adam
    • Folk Songs and Tales That Build America 
    • Fit As a Fiddle 
    • Shadowtales of Wonder  
    • Shadowtales From Around The World
    • Shadowtales of Winter
    • BeatleZania 
    • Healthy Choices (formerly "Sound Choices")
    • Be Cool, Be Safe
    • ShadowTales
    • Red's Recycle-O-Rama
    • Songs and Silly Stuff
    • One-Man Parade
    • Holiday Extravaganza
    • A Journey Through Addiction
    • Resolving Rage
    • Shakin' Up Shakespeare
    • Mikey and the Christmas Garbage Truck
    • Workshops and residencies


  • Richard Stillman
    • A World Mosaic of Music and Dance
    • Pecos Bill Rides the Oregon Trail
    • Razzle Dazzle Man
    • Roots of Country Music
    • Sea Songs, Yarns & Hornpipes
    • The Irish Balladeer
    • Country Hoedown
    • Holiday Troubadours
    • Loopy Hawaiian Luau
    • Vaudeville for All
    • Workshops and residencies
    • The Fire Safety Show
    • American Dance From Africa to Broadway
    • Dance, Dance, Dance
    • Rhythm Dances From Around the World
    • Journey Into Africa
    • Workshops and residencies
  • Crabgrass Puppet Theatre
    • The Three Little Pigs Build a Better House 
    • African Adventure Tales!
    • The Pirate the Princess and the Pea
    • best online sites generic viagraThe Lion & The Mouse and Other Tales: Smart and Small Conquers All
  • Flying Ship Productions
    • The Hero Within 
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    • Winter Wonderland
    • Rosa's Ride
    • Fire on the Mountain
    • The Courage to Dream
    • Double-V
    • The Fool and the Flying Ship
    • Puss In Hightops
  • TSF Productions
    • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    • Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

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Encore Performing Arts,  is a not-for-profit agency with over 30 years experience, which represents carefully selected professional performing groups and solo artists who tour throughout the Northeast to present performances and workshops for children and family audiences.